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12 Tips to stay Fit and Slim

How to slim down fast? Tips and Tricks

1. Avoid skipping meals

You need to make sure you’re providing the correct amount of energy for your body

2. Use a small plate

Your portion will look bigger with this trick. Satisfy your eyes, and it'll be easier to satisfy your stomach

3. Replace sugary drinks with plain water or diet drinks

Sugary drinks such as soft drinks contain high calories

4. Chew food slowly

You may consume lesser calories over the course of a meal if you eat slowly

5. Choose your snacks wisely

Choose fresh food, e.g.: fruits are best snacks

6. Drink soup before consuming solid food

Drink the soup first so that you'll take in 20 percent lesser calories during the meal

7. Concentrate on the food when eating

People eating or drinking while mentally distracted require higher concentrations of sweetness, sourness, or saltiness to feel satisfied

8. Maintain a stress-free lifestyle

Stress may lead to overeating

9. Exercise with upbeat tunes

Fill your playlist with upbeat tunes. Research shows you'll naturally quicken your pace if you work out with songs that have 180 beats per minute

10. Take a walk

Taking a walk up to 36 minutes daily can burn up to 150 kilocalories

11. Take the stairs instead of the lift

Climbing stairs is considered one of the best ways to burn calories and to strengthen your heart

12. Set a goal

Set a goal and make sure you work to achieve it. E.g., buy an outfit in your healthiest clothing size and hang it on your bedroom door as a reminder of your goal