Q & A

Q & A

Q1. Does lower body fat harm your health?
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  • Excess fat in the tummy area can constrict blood vessels, causing blood pressure to rise, leading to heart diseases and stroke. It can also pull your lower spine forward, overly arching your lower back and causing pain.
  • Fat build-up around the hips can affect the knees because they need to carry extra weight, resulting in joint pain.
  • Extremely fat thighs increase the risk of getting unsightly varicose veins.

Q2. Why does stubborn fat persist in the lower body area?
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Stubborn fat protects your internal organs from damage. That is why fat in this area takes longer to metabolize, affecting the process of fat removal from the lower body area.


Q3. What kind of woman is prone to lower body fat problems?
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  • Women facing post-natal weight gain
  • Middle-aged women
  • Women who lack exercise
  • Women who have poor eating habits

Women after 20 usually have excess fat in their stomach area. The excess fat could be fully removed if the women undergo the correct treatments.

Q4. Does every new mum need to go through slimming treatments?
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New mums undergo hormonal changes which contribute to increased fat build-up around the waist and tummy during pregnancies. After giving birth, fat and skin will expand. It would be difficult to remove the excess fat without treatment. To get the most out of the slimming treatments, new mums should undergo the treatment 6-12 months after child birth to reduce tummy fat.


Q5. How does dorra’s treatment work?
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  • Our well-trained consultants will run a body composition analysis
  • A customized slimming treatment that matches the specific lower body fat problem will be provided
  • An all-natural slimming booster is applied on the area with stubborn fat
  • An infrared machine is used to enhance the slimming effect
  • A  diet plan is also given to ensure the practice of healthy eating habits

Q6. Is dorra’s treatment safe?
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Our treatment is based on an exclusive French formula that only uses natural ingredients. It is perfectly safe with no side effects. No crash diets, pills or injections are involved.


Q7. How much time does it take for the 1st slimming session?
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The first session will take about 2 hours.


Q8. What are the effects after each session?
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You will lose 5 -7 cm and above after each session.